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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blanks Websites - Applique Corner Facebook Post

September 2013 Update:  Just stumbled across this link to WHOLESALE CLOTHING.  Have not looked through any of them, but might be the jackpot for some of you small-business owners out there!

Ladies, per your request, here is the list of blanks websites.  I have not been able to check each of these links, so a couple of them may not be correct, but you should be able to Google them and get going in the right direction!  Please leave comments if you find any great deals or mistakes in the sites...we can all learn from each other on this one!!!

My favorite:  Rock Bottom T-shirts :)

***If the columns are off, please let me know and I will re-post the list.  Just copied and pasted quickly this morning to get these up for you!***

Website: Company: Notes: Jiffy Shirts All About Blanks Linens, Guest Towels Monag Kavio J. Lisandra & Heavenly Kids: great dresses (a-line) Oh Mint Discount Embroidery Design Appeal Robert Mark Blue Sky Imports $minimum Heavenly Kids Supposed to have chngd to J. Lisandra ThreadArt great bags Short Tall Jon Jons Broder Bros All Stitch Dharma Trading Company white blanks Wholesale Boutique bags; $minimum SS Activewear Cheapest Tees One Stop Inc Embroider This Blank Apparel TSF Sportswear Kids Blanks Laughing Giraffe line Really Cool Tees Heritage Sportswear Discount Monogram Blanks aprons & golf towels Sophisticated Stitcher $minimum Kids Blank if call can mix colors, great cust svc Rock Bottom T-shirts tons of colors Whimsical Designs


  1. Heavenly Kids and JLisandra should be the same company....

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